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Address: 2715 Sarah Street Pittsburgh 15203 PA

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CIKCompany NamePositionCompany Address
0001411645kWantera Inc2740 SMALLMAN STREET SUITE 401 Pittsburgh 15222

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Sharma AbhishekPittsburgh
Sharma AbhishekPittsburgh
and Management, LLC Allied Growth StrategiesState College
Novak ChristopherNew York
Nelson DarylPittsburgh
Thompson DavidPittsburgh
Belt DonaldState College
Belt DonaldState College
Belt DonaldPittsburgh
Straser ErikPittsburgh
Straser ErikMenlo Park
Corn JayPittsburgh
Wellinghoff JonPittsburgh
Wellinghoff JonPittsburgh
Durrett KenPittsburgh
O'Connor KylePittsburgh
O'Connor KylePittsburgh
Allied Growth Strategies and ManagementState College
Management, LLC Allied Growth Strategies andState College
DeSantis MarkPittsburgh
DeSantis MarkPittsburgh
Burlando MattPittsburgh
Delache RobertPittsburgh
Culhane RobertState College

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Sharma AbhishekPittsburghPA
Sharma AbhishekCambridgeMA

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