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Address: 7400 State Line Road Suite 202 Prairie Village 66208 KS

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CIKCompany NamePositionCompany Address
0001595722Artio Medical, Inc.10900 S. CLAY BLAIR BLVD., SUITE 200 OLATHE 66061

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Franano F.Olathe
Franano FrankFairway
Franano FrankFairway
Franano FrankPrairie Village
Schultz JamesFairway
Schultz JamesFairway
Schultz JamesPrairie Village
Weinrich JeffFairway
Weinrich JeffPrairie Village
Martin JennyFairway
Martin JennyFairway
Martin JennyPrairie Village
Sainz MariaFairway
Sainz MariaFairway
Sainz MariaPrairie Village
Hagedorn NathanielFairway
Hagedorn NathanielPrairie Village
Whitaker WilliamOlathe
Whitaker WilliamFairway

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