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Address: c/o Paul Hastings LLP 1117 S. California Avenue Palo Alto 94304 CA

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CIKCompany NamePositionCompany Address
0001777508selectIon, Inc.655 INDIA STREET SUITE 204 SAN DIEGO 92101

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Klostermann AndreasSan Diego
Klostermann AndreasPalo Alto
Schuh AntoniusSan Diego
Schuh AntoniusPalo Alto
Gallagher CamPalo Alto
Scifres DonSan Diego
Scrifes DonPalo Alto
Wiggins MarkSan Diego
Wiggins MarkPalo Alto
Zaniboni SteveSan Diego
Zaniboni StevePalo Alto

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Wiggins MarkNew YorkNY
Wiggins MarkSan DiegoCA
Wiggins MarkNew YorkNY
Wiggins MarkSan DiegoCA
Wiggins MarkNew YorkNY
Wiggins MarkSan DiegoCA

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