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Address: Charter Place (First Floor) 23-27 Seaton Place St Helier JE2 3QL Y9

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CIKCompany NamePositionCompany Address
0001820142Triton Debt Opportunities Fund II SCSp2, RUE EDWARD STEICHEN LUXEMBOURG L-2540

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Koppen CarstenSt Helier
Smith GraemeSt Helier
Formicola JoakimLuxembourg
Chapman JuliaSt Helier
Eklund MatsSt Helier
Crill MatthewSt Helier
Gray MichaelSt Helier
Prahl PederLondon
Lechantre Pierre-AlexandreLuxembourg
N/A Triton Debt Opportunities Fund II GP S.a r.l.Luxembourg

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Eklund MatsSt HelierY9
Eklund MatsSt HelierY9
Eklund MatsSt. HelierY9
Eklund MatsFrankfurtGermany
Eklund MatsSt. HelierY9

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