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Address: c/o Baird Capital Partners 227 W. Monroe St., Suite 1900 Chicago 60606 IL

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CIKCompany NamePositionCompany Address
0001526050Safety Products/JHC Acquisition Corp.C/O BAIRD CAPITAL PARTNERS 227 WEST MONROE STREET, SUITE 1900 CHICAGO 60606

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Brickman C.Chicago
Carr DanChicago
Myers DavidChicago
Schroeder DavidChicago
Marcus GaryChicago
Liao GordonChicago
Norman JohnChicago
Stankiewicz KristianChicago
McElhinny MarkChicago
Baldwin MikeChicago
Malone PatrickChicago
Ospalik RobertChicago

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