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Address: 421 Castro Street Mountain View 94041 CA

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CIKCompany NamePositionCompany Address
0001683882Long Venture Partners LP421 CASTRO STREET MOUNTAIN VIEW 94041

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Ernestine Fu - Alsop Louie Partners

Ernestine Fu is a Venture Partner, currently leading the firm’s investment thesis in 3D printing and other disruptive technologies. Her companies include: Gfycat ... [more]

Names You Need to Know: Ernestine Fu - Forbes

Ernestine Fu may be the first Stanford sophomore to work as a venture capitalist while carrying a full course load. For the past two months Fu, who turned ... [more]

Ernestine Fu '13 | Her Campus

It’s a rare Wednesday afternoon that Ernestine Fu can fit an interview into her schedule. The 19-year-old from North Hollywood is more likely found working in the ... [more]

A Day In The Life Of 20-Year-Old VC Ernestine Fu ...

20-year-old Ernestine Fu joined VC firm Alsop Louie Partners as an associate in March and made the cover of Forbes magazine in August. She's already made a ... [more]

Ernestine Fu HelloWorld Acquired By Life360 - Business Insider

Ernestine Fu has been heralded as Silicon Valley's youngest venture capitalist. She joined VC firm Alsop Louie Partners as a 20-year-old associate in March ... [more]

Ernestine Fu - Stanford University

Ernestine Fu teaches classes on startups, government, and venture capital. Her research is focused on peer-networked autonomous vehicle protocols and algorithms. [more]

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Fu ErnestineMountain View
N/A Long Venture Partners LLCMountain View
Yu SuranMountain View

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Fu ErnestineMountain ViewCA

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