B. Fried Richard

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Address: c/o Hudson Pacific Properties, Inc. 11601 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 900 Los Angeles 90025 CA

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CIKCompany NamePositionCompany Address
0001660217Hudson 1455 Market Street, LLCC /O HUDSON PACIFIC PROPERTIES, INC. 11601 WILSHIRE BLVD., SUITE 900 LOS ANGELES 90025

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Porter BarryLos Angeles
Barton ChristopherLos Angeles
Shimoda DaleLos Angeles
Tye DavidLos Angeles
Gordon DrewLos Angeles
Cohen FrankLos Angeles
Hansel GaryLos Angeles
Diramerian HaroutLos Angeles
N/A Hudson 1455 Market, L.P.Los Angeles
N/A Hudson Pacific Properties, Inc.Los Angeles
Schreiber JohnLos Angeles
Glaser JonathanLos Angeles
Hatfield JoshuaLos Angeles
Tidwell KayLos Angeles
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Fried RichardLos Angeles
Harris, Robert IIILos Angeles
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Coleman VictorLos Angeles

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