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Address: 4340 E Kentucky Ave Suite 206 Glendale 80246 CO

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CIKCompany NamePositionCompany Address
0001625288Intiva BioPharma Inc.4340 E KENTUCKY AVE SUITE 206 GLENDALE 80246

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Bankier AlainGlendale
Alain D BankierChief Executive Officer NEW YORK
Wasoff EvanGlendale
Jeffrey FriedlandChief Executive Officer GONGYI
Robert I GoldfarbChief Operating Officer DAVIE
Richard S GreenbergEVP and Chairman DENVER
Friedland JeffreyGlendale
Greenberg RichardGlendale
Goldfarb RobertGlendale
Lindy Snider BRYN MAWR
Evan L WasoffChief Financial Officer NEDERLAND

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