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Address: 130 Adelaide Street West Suite 701 Toronto M5H 2K4 A6

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CIKCompany NamePositionCompany Address
0001080319Newgioco Group, Inc.130 ADELAIDE STREET, WEST SUITE 701 TORONTO M5H 2K4

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Marcelli AlessandroToronto
Gianfelici BeniaminoToronto
Michael CiavarellaTHORNHILL
Michael CiavarellaPresident and CEO WOODBRIDGE
Salvagni FrancoToronto
Peroni GabrieleToronto
Stefano GiorgiToronto
Gold Street Capital Corp.10% Owner DAVIE
Pasquini LucaToronto
Quirino ManciniToronto
Ciavarella MicheleToronto
Stabile RobertToronto

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